Scrap For Book

This scrapframe I made for a book project. About two months ago, my crafty friends said that they want to make a craft tutorials book together. This is a compilation book. But then we made a decision, that this book should be a big book about handmade business for beginner.

Then I send the book publishing proposal to a big publisher in my country. I sent the proposal at 8 PM, in the next morning I received the answer "yes" from the publisher! It was surprising me! How fast was the process!

Yes we realize that we should move fast too to finished the script. What a big project we have... but when we do it together with friends... nothing is impossible!

So, my tutorials are about this scrapframe and... hhhmmm... to tell the truth... I still don't have idea about the other tutorial... hehehe... but that will be a papercraft tutorial.
If the book already published, you should buy it. It will be your handmade business manual book!

Maria Magdalena

Hai, saya Maria, ibu dari seorang putra yang sudah menginjak usia remaja. Saya suka membuat handmade, dan saya suka membuat handmade yang memiliki nilai seni.

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