Christmas Sew Along: When The Bells Are Ringing

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Christmas in June! Let’s prepare ourselves for the coming Christmas by sewing this lovely applique. You can create a pillowcase, wall hanging, table runner, or anything you like with this cute Santa pattern. 

I name this pattern When The Bells Are Ringing, not just because of those cute bells on the antlers, but also that the sentence “When the bells are ringing” sparks the imagination and brings back memories of a joyful and peaceful Christmas Eve. 

If you look closely, you can see that there are several small patterns that overlap one another. This requires an advanced level of expertise in translating appliqué patterns. But don't worry, I made this pattern so it's easy to follow, so I numbered each piece of the pattern in the order in which they were sewn together.

And, this month I have a sew-along for this pattern, so I would like to offer this pattern to you with $4 OFF! Use code: HEARTHEBELLS2021 when checkout. Valid from now until 31 July 2021. Go grab your pattern now and start sewing! We all together on this road to a memorable Christmas 2021. Please upload your work progress to our Facebook Group.

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