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November to December is the time for preparing gifts for loved ones. Our days will be busy with shopping for various beautiful, unique items, according to the tastes of its recipients.

As a handmade maker, what I think is making the gifts by myself. Whatever it is, it will be beautiful and attractive if it is made with great attention to details: the pattern of material used, the quality of the stitches, the quality of the material, the strength of the glue or stitches, and the packing. All of that contributes to quality handmade gifts that are attractive to the recipient.

I like to sew and make scrapbooks. I once made a kind of photo album from beautifully decorated paper and give it to my friend, she was very happy. But this time I didn't have enough material to make such a scrapbook album. I just moved from a remote area of an island to Jakarta, when in the remote area I did limit myself from shopping for scrapbook materials because the shipping costs were very expensive. But I still buy cloth although the shipping costs are expensive too because I can use it to make my family's clothes, curtains and various home decorations. So I have a lot of fabric stash that I can use to make gifts for friends. I brought some of this stash to Jakarta.

Next month a friend had a birthday, I’ll present her with a rose key chain. It is very easy to make but requires patience to sew each petal and hand stitch the petals to the base fabric.

The tutorial actually uses beads for a stopper on the end of the green rope, but because I don't have beads, then I made Chinese knots as in this tutorial (this is my Youtube channel, please subscribe). It turns out to be a unique key chain.

The strap on this key chain can function as a key chain hook to the base fabric, also functions as a key chain hanger on the wall. I also modified this from the original tutorial.

I only need to pack the key chain in the pretty packaging, and this will be a valuable gift.

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Maria Magdalena

Hai, saya Maria, ibu dari seorang putra yang sudah menginjak usia remaja. Saya suka membuat handmade, dan saya suka membuat handmade yang memiliki nilai seni.

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