Sewing The Norma Jean's Train Case

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Hello, it's been a long time since the last post and today I'm so happy that I meet you again! Sewing this cosmetic bag is very challenging for me because this is the first time I sew with this technique.

Although this is actually a cosmetic bag, I use it to place books and new normal equipment such as masks and hand sanitizers. With a large compartment and stacking two, I can carry a lot of things. This zipper bag is also perfect for carrying phones and keys.

There is also a compartment that has a bag as the picture above, I use a mesh cloth that is bound with elastic rubber, so it can be flexible for small or large item.

I sewed this bag using a Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine with a Singer Golden Tip Needle that is convenient for sewing thick materials. For the thread, I use Coats Astra thread which is a strong thread so that the resulting bag will be strong enough to carry heavy loads without being cut off.

I use stabilizer fusible fleece Glue Cotton 280 gr which has glue on it. It only needs to be ironed to attach the fabric to this stabilizer. I am really satisfied with the result.

I like this bag. Now I can go on a picnic with my favorite books and snacks in a pretty-strong bag. If you want to sew the Norma Jean's Train Case you can buy the pattern at the Etsy Store.

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