Sewing The Norma Jean's Train Case

Hello, it's been a long time since the last post and today I'm so happy that I meet you again! Sewing this cosmetic bag is very challenging for me because this is the first time I sew with this technique.

Although this is actually a cosmetic bag, I use it to place books and new normal equipment such as masks and hand sanitizers. With a large compartment and stacking two, I can carry a lot of things. This zipper bag is also perfect for carrying phones and keys.

There is also a compartment that has a bag as the picture above, I use a mesh cloth that is bound with elastic rubber, so it can be flexible for small or large item.

I sewed this bag using a Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine with a Singer Golden Tip Needle that is convenient for sewing thick materials. For the thread, I use Coats Astra thread which is a strong thread so that the resulting bag will be strong enough to carry heavy loads without being cut off.

I use stabilizer fusible fleece Glue Cotton 280 gr which has glue on it. It only needs to be ironed to attach the fabric to this stabilizer. I am really satisfied with the result.

I like this bag. Now I can go on a picnic with my favorite books and snacks in a pretty-strong bag. If you want to sew the Norma Jean's Train Case you can buy the pattern at the Etsy Store.

Maria Magdalena

Hai, saya Maria, ibu dari seorang putra yang sudah menginjak usia remaja. Saya suka membuat handmade, dan saya suka membuat handmade yang memiliki nilai seni.

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