Scrap For Book

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This scrapframe I made for a book project. About two months ago, my crafty friends said that they want to make a craft tutorials book together. This is a compilation book. But then we made a decision, that this book should be a big book about handmade business for beginner.

Then I send the book publishing proposal to a big publisher in my country. I sent the proposal at 8 PM, in the next morning I received the answer "yes" from the publisher! It was surprising me! How fast was the process!

Yes we realize that we should move fast too to finished the script. What a big project we have... but when we do it together with friends... nothing is impossible!

So, my tutorials are about this scrapframe and... hhhmmm... to tell the truth... I still don't have idea about the other tutorial... hehehe... but that will be a papercraft tutorial.
If the book already published, you should buy it. It will be your handmade business manual book!

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