Christmas Sew Along: When The Bells Are Ringing

Quilt Along


Christmas in June! Let’s prepare ourselves for the coming Christmas by sewing this lovely applique. You can create a pillowcase, wall hanging, table runner, or anything you like with this cute Santa pattern. 

I name this pattern When The Bells Are Ringing, not just because of those cute bells on the antlers, but also that the sentence “When the bells are ringing” sparks the imagination and brings back memories of a joyful and peaceful Christmas Eve. 

If you look closely, you can see that there are several small patterns that overlap one another. This requires an advanced level of expertise in translating appliqué patterns. But don't worry, I made this pattern so it's easy to follow, so I numbered each piece of the pattern in the order in which they were sewn together.

And, this month I have a sew-along for this pattern, so I would like to offer this pattern to you with $4 OFF! Use code: HEARTHEBELLS2021 when checkout. Valid from now until 31 July 2021. Go grab your pattern now and start sewing! We all together on this road to a memorable Christmas 2021. Please upload your work progress to our Facebook Group.

Click here to get your pattern:

Thank You For The Birds That Sing Block 5


Thank You For The Birds That Sing Block 5 is a very special block, with flowers and a heart. If you are challenged, surely you can sew every curve neatly.

Click here to download block 5 for free until the end of June 2021. For those of you who are new to this Block of The Month, you can buy blocks 1-4 by clicking on the following link, only $5 per pattern:

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

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If you have sewn this block then you can upload it to this FB group.

Have fun! 

Block 5 The Mystery Quilt: The Kids

Block of The Month

I am very excited about the Mystery Quilt Block 5: The Kids because it has a story. As a visual learner, I like 2D and 3D graphics that can evoke a story in the mind of the viewer without needing to provide text to read the story. Try to look at the whole design starting from block 1 to 5, a story will definitely arise in your mind about a fun and cheerful life in a hilly area.

You can download Block 5 for free here until the end of June 2021.

If you want to have previous blocks, you can buy them from these links:

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

This month I registered my block on the Quilt Block Mania with the theme "International". You can get lots of free and beautiful international-themed patterns here from designers in the Quilt Block Mania:

Holland Windmill by Carolina Moore
Dutch Mill Tulips by Perkins Dry Goods
International Airport by The Quilted Diary
Three Amigos by Heidi Pridemore
Making Memories by Blue Heron Quilting
World's Fair by Blue Bear Quilts
Highlander by Orange Blossom Quilt Design Studio
Love One Another by Faith and Fabric
International Space Station by Duck Creek Mountain quilting
Friends by QuiltFabrication
World Trip by Patti's Patchwork
Hollyhock Flower by PhoebeMoon Designs
Olympic Rings by Slice of Pi Quilts
All Together Now by Inquiring Quilter
Butterfly Block by Oh Kaye Quilting
Coming Together by Cotton Street Commons
Friends Around the World by Appliques Quilts and More
Greek Cross by Mom and Me Quilting Co
Caracalla by Pretty Piney Quilts
Walking Together
Mystery Quilt: The Kids

Why I Lost (And Get Back) My Sewing Mojo

Sewing Room

I haven't sewed anything in almost three months. The sewing machine and the serger just lay there, covered in dust. Meanwhile, the sewing machine table is full of useless objects. And my fabrics were scattered in plastic bags and in large containers that were difficult to open because on top of the containers there were bags containing my clothes. What a mess!

Lately, the condition of my room getting more and more messed up, as a result of not having a cupboard so that the fabrics are not displayed properly. This made me very lazy to find fabric to sew because it was difficult to access. It seemed that I was not suitable for using containers and a plastic bag for storing fabrics. Then I decided to buy two cabinets that I used for my clothes and fabric stock.

I bought a cupboard with cute giraffe pictures on its doors (I love giraffes!) on May 1, then I assembled it the next day. But after assembling it I felt that this cupboard was too small, not enough for all my fabrics. Then I decided to buy another one with cat pictures (this is the second animal I like. Since I can't pet a giraffe, I am quite satisfied with cats). 

My lovely cats

While waiting for the second cupboard to arrive at my house, I tidy up the room as best as I can. This is a photo of the initial appearance of my room, it's terrible huh:

Now you understand why I lost the mood for sewing.

In the afternoon, around 5 o'clock, my second cupboard arrived. With the help of my husband, I assembled this second cupboard and immediately put all the fabrics in it. Well… finally the fabric problem is over, but my room is still not comfortable to be used as a sewing workplace! The sewing machine table was still in an uncomfortable position, but I was already exhausted. Then I decided to redecorate my room next week.

The next day, I decided to continue to redecorate and clean up the room to get a better room view as soon as possible even though it was a very hot day, which made me got showered four times!

With my husband's help, we moved the table and bookshelves, after that I proceeded alone by cleaning all the sewing machines and the serger, as well as cleaning the dust that was on the surface of things, books, my craft tools, and on the floor.

My fatigue paid off when this was all over. My room is neat, all fabrics are displayed, and easy to take from the cupboard, I can also arrange my UFO projects on one shelf. I was determined with gusto to finish all the UFOs and doing my other sewing projects.

Now let me say: Let's sew together!

Hey, look what I've found! I got these fabrics bundle from the famous Emily Taylor in 2014, and I still keep them!

Block 4 of The Mystery Quilt

Mystery Quilt

I remember about four months ago I wanted to make a mysterious quilt block series, but as it progressed this series became mysterious for me too because I designed each block exactly when it was going to be released every month. I like every process of making this Mystery quilt pattern, I can design it according to my style in making children's book illustrations. Did I ever tell you that I also work as a children's book illustrator? Yes, I am.

So, this is the 4th block in the Mystery Quilt series that you can download from here until the end of May. If you missed previous blocks, you can buy them at the link below, only $5 for each pattern:

You can download the 1st block here
You can download the 2nd block here
You can download the 3rd block here

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Thank You For The Birds That Sing Block 4

Block of The Month

This is the fourth pattern in the Thank You For The Birds That Sing series. This series is about giving thanks when in the midst of a pandemic like it is today you still can hear birds singing. This series consists of 11 blocks, the blocks that have passed can be obtained by buying them in my pattern shop (link). Don't miss the Thank You For The Birds That Sing block, register on our mailing list so you get a reminder every time a new block is published. 

Today I am releasing block 4 which you can download for free here until the end of May. If you missed the previous blocks you can buy them here for $5 each:

You can download the 1st block here
You can download the 2nd block here
You can download the 3rd block here

Have fun, and please join my Facebook group.

Please forgive me, I still can't do sew along with you lately. I will write about it in the next post. See ya!

Block 2 of Thank You For The Birds That Sing

Block of The Month

This is the second block in the Thank You For The Birds That Sing series. Forgive me for being late in launching this second block due to successive illnesses suffered by my family. Praise God today I can also send this pattern, please download it by clicking on this image:

In sewing applique I make use of glue to speed things up. I folded the applique and put glue on it, then when assembling it on the base cloth I also used glue.

This Sewline glue is very useful and works well. The results of the seamless folds are neat, ready to be sewn using the blind stitch technique because for this applique I prefer to use hand stitches.

The Butterfly Charm - Mystery Quilt at Quilt Block Mania

Block of The Month

Hopefully, this post will find you in good health. Forgive me for the delay in launching pattern 2 of BOM Mystery Quilt: On The Hills. Since the end of January, our family has suffered successive illnesses, what an unfortunate situation. The last one is that I suffer from gastric pain which I still have until now even though it is much better. Besides that, the Chinese New Year celebration in our family also takes a lot of time to prepare the various cakes that we serve, this is really unexpected because it turns out that there are several families who want to taste the cakes I make by sending them to the homes of all our families, really tiring but also happy.

My cookies, ready to be delivered to my family

So, please download the second part of the Mystery Quilt: On The Hills pattern, namely The Butterfly Charm by clicking on this image:

Don't forget to join our Facebook Group to showcase your work. Have fun sewing and have fun.

Here some amazing designers who also has the mystery quilt for you

Lucky Horseshoe by Carolina Moore
Lucky Squares at Slice of Pi Quilts
Lucky Spin by Carolyn Burgess
Charming Wreath Block by Blockofthemodotcom
Lucky Squares Improv at Love to Color My World
Luck and Sunshine
Luck o' the Irish at Patti's Patchwork
Simply Charmed by Cotton Street Commons
Hi My Name is Lucky by Heidi Pridemore
Swedish lucky horse by duck creek mountain quilting
Charmed Clover at Perkins Dry Goods
Charming Lucky by Puppy Girl Designs
Star Bright at Studio R Quilts
Lucky Charms by QuiltFabrication
Magically "Quilt"lious
Wishing Stars
Heart Shine 4th by Sara Flynn
Lucky Shamrock Block
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Daddy Hex by Pretty Piney Quilts
Pieced Lucky Hat
Sam's Pot of Gold
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Maneki Neko by Capaquilts
The Butterfly Charm

House of Love - Mystery Quilt Part 1

Block of The Month


This is my first mystery quilt, with the theme of my hometown with a unique design.

The registration for the Mystery Quilt is free, please register here:

We will send a link to download the pattern each month to your email. This mystery quilt pattern will be a paid pattern in the following month.
The LimeLeaves' 2021 Mystery Quilt theme is "Hometown". The designs depict a country with a variety of houses that will become childhood memories. The designs of the applique are adapted to the way children see their world in fun and colorful patterns.

The mystery quilt pattern will make you spend on your existing fabric stash, except for the sky and grass (see the first block design). My suggestion, please provide 1 meter of fabric for the sky, and 1 meter for the grass. For other patterns please use your fabric stash. T11he techniques used are applique, embroidery, and quilting with intermediate skill levels.

The first pattern will be out on January 15, 2021

Thank You For The Birds That Sing Quilt BOM 2021

Block of The Month


Thank you for the birds that sing!

Thank you for the world so sweet,
Thank you for the food we eat.
Thank you for the birds that sing,
Thank you God, for everything.

Hello, this is the first BOM that hosted by myself. 2020 was a tough year, the year when we experienced the Covid-19 outbreak so that many aspects of life had to be sacrificed for the benefit of society. Even so, I have started 2020 with happiness, and I walk with happiness too with my family for the whole of 2020. 

As an expression of gratitude, I created this block of the month quilt pattern: Thank You For The Birds That Sing! Each block of this design is filled with joy as a form of gratitude for God's grace to our family, therefore I am sharing it as a pattern that you can download throughout the month for free, and will become a paid pattern the following month. 

This pattern is inspired by various colorful and unique birds. Also a variety of beautiful flowers. All of this gives beauty to the world. When I heard the sound of birds, I realize that my feeling was suddenly cheerful and happy, especially when seeing the birds flying freely. Likewise, when I saw the flowers, my heart suddenly filled with joy. That's what I want to share in 2021, a year full of hope for joy! 

About this quilt design, this quilt is applique combined with embroidery. The finished product measures about 52" x 58". Here I will only give an initial color idea. You can adjust the quilt color according to your favorite colors. What will you get from this BOM? 

1. One block pattern file per month that you can download and print at home. 
2. A coloring page that allows you to determine the color combination. 
3. Tutorial that I will share on this website. 
4. Instructions for finishing and assembly. 
5. The opportunity to showcase your work if you send it to me via email:

Register here for FREE to get the email notification about the pattern:

Using DMC Metallic At Hand Embroidery


This is my first time embroidering with DMC Metallic Light Effects thread. Very pretty looking thread with a charming luster. I ordered online two threads e699 and e815 for a simple project I'm making on a Christmas theme. When I opened the package containing these threads I was so amazed that they were so beautiful! 

It was so beautiful that I took a photo of the threads, then I showed them off to Instagram as well as to my sewing group. My friends are amazed and want to have it too. I must admit that DMC is different from the others in terms of the color and texture of the yarn.

Now I want to introduce my project. This is a Christmas themed embroidery project, a combination of hand embroidery and patchwork whose pattern I got from Moda, this is a free pattern. The pattern is very simple with an embroidery outline.

I use a stem stitch for embroidery which is easy but produces a firm outline. I used 2 ply thread so that the metallic effect is more visible. In my opinion, embroidering with this thread is a bit challenging, because when you pull the needle up the thread flow is not as smooth as DMC which is not metallic. In addition, about 7-10 cm at the end of the thread that is not knotted, the thread between the metallic and the colored ply was loose, this causes the thread to not be used economically, some parts are wasted. but finally, I found the right way to handle this unraveled thread, I will write in the next post.

Christmas is an opportunity to put some beautiful decorations in the house. That's why I chose to use DMC Metallic thread although it is more expensive than the ordinary thread. For the base fabric, I used calico because it is vintage in color and easy to apply with embroidery.

Have you seen my embroidery hoop stand? I am very proud to use this tool which is very sturdy, smooth wood, and made by local craftsmen in my area. Generally, the crafters in my country are proud to use imported products, but as much as possible I use locally made products because that will support my country's economy.

Review Buku Applique Lace Patterns


Applique Lace Pattern by Linda Pool. Buku ini biasa aja, gak begitu keren, tapi yang keren karyanya Linda... wow maut dah! Lace applique adalah karya applique yang menurutku luar biasa indah dan menantang!

Dengan lubang-lubang yang harus dijahit dengan rapi dan teliti. Menggunting setiap lubangnya harus dengan penuh konsentrasi. Sebab, salah-salah bisa menggunting bagian yang seharusnya tidak digunting, dan kalau sudah begitu, kita harus ulang mulai dari menjiplak pola, karena lace applique itu 1 pola saja, bukan merupakan beberapa pola yang disambung.

Apa sih lace applique itu? Lace applique adalah applique yang berbentuk renda. Applique adalah seni jahit, the art of sewing. Lace applique terbuat dari selembar kain.

Yang aku suka dari buku ini adalah banyak pola dan inspirasi. Teknik yang digunakan pun sederhana, hanya needle turn. Tantangan dalam kesederhanaan, begitulah singkat kata tentang lace applique ini. 

Ini adalah petualangan lace applique-ku, semua ini polanya aku bikin sendiri berdasarkan pengetahuan yang ku dapat dari buku ini: 

Ini cover bukunya... tadaaaaa!

Ini adalah pola applique lace yang pertama kali ku buat polanya dan ku jahit applique-nya

Ini adalah 100% desainku, termasuk burung cendrawasih botak yang ada di tengahnya. Masih 50% pengerjaan jahitnya, semoga tahun ini bisa menyelesaikannya. Ini PHD yang lumayan lama sudah...

Ini adalah desain lace untuk corner, pola ini aku buat di atas kertas kalkir

Ini juga desainku yang pernah dipakai di kelompok jahit Adida (All Day I Do Applique), cantik ya?

So, beginilah caraku menjahit lace applique

Buku Applique Lace Patterns diterbitkan oleh American Quilter's Society pada tahun 2006, terdiri dari 112 halaman full color.