My Favorite Quilt Block - My Design The Blue Butterfly

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This is my first time participating at the My Favorite Quilt Block Blog Hop that is hosted by Creatin' In The Sticks. According to the theme, my favorite quilt block is the block that I designed: The Blue Butterfly. This is a simple paper piecing block, at first this block I aimed for teaching the paper piecing to my students. After that, I decided to sell it to the public.

Previously, I thought that designing a paper piecing block will be difficult. But after trying several times, I enjoyed the process. 

I also enjoy the teaching process that uses patterns from my own design, because it is free from copyright issues and I really recognize the anatomy of my design.

My paper piecing class is currently an online class. If you need to learn, you can contact me via email: (I teach in English and Indonesian).

One that I emphasize in sewing paper piecing is: use safety pins instead of pins. So that the stitches can fit into the right line and each part of the pattern will meet with precision.

About The Blue Butterfly, this is a block with a size of 9.5 "x 9.5". This block is very good to be used as a pillowcase or a wall hanging by combining with other blocks of the same size. Hhmmm... This makes me have an idea to make a continuation of the blocks so that they can be united in one theme with The Blue Butterfly.

If you are interesting to buy The Blue Butterfly pattern you can get it from Makerist or Etsy.

Thanks, Carla for the fabulous hop. You'll want to make sure, you don't miss a day of the fun, so here is the schedule:

Monday, September 9th

Tuesday, September 10th

Wednesday, September 11th

Thursday, September 12th

Friday, September 13th

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  1. Really pretty and cheerful block. Thank you for the tutorial.

  2. Beautiful block, thanks for sharing

  3. Lovely block. Thanks for the tips.

  4. beautiful block. so much quilty potential.

  5. Such a pretty butterfly! Thank you for sharing.

  6. I like your block, but I shy away from PP. I just don't get it right.

  7. Your block is great. No wonder it's your favorite

  8. Thanks for sharing your beautiful butterfly block! I really like it!

  9. Your block is so pretty and designing your own block is so fun to do. Thanks for joining the hop and I hope you have enjoyed your first hop and made some friends.

  10. I have only tried paper piecing once- but yours is so beautiful! It looks so detailed!

  11. Cute butterfly block! I love how paper piecing makes the design look so precise. Thanks for sharing!

  12. This is such a cute block! Love the blues.

  13. So cute! Your block reminds me of the blue butterflies in the mountains here in the Walla Walla Valley and I call them "little blues", they are very pretty and have about a 1.5 inch wingspan.


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