Why I Lost (And Get Back) My Sewing Mojo

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I haven't sewed anything in almost three months. The sewing machine and the serger just lay there, covered in dust. Meanwhile, the sewing machine table is full of useless objects. And my fabrics were scattered in plastic bags and in large containers that were difficult to open because on top of the containers there were bags containing my clothes. What a mess!

Lately, the condition of my room getting more and more messed up, as a result of not having a cupboard so that the fabrics are not displayed properly. This made me very lazy to find fabric to sew because it was difficult to access. It seemed that I was not suitable for using containers and a plastic bag for storing fabrics. Then I decided to buy two cabinets that I used for my clothes and fabric stock.

I bought a cupboard with cute giraffe pictures on its doors (I love giraffes!) on May 1, then I assembled it the next day. But after assembling it I felt that this cupboard was too small, not enough for all my fabrics. Then I decided to buy another one with cat pictures (this is the second animal I like. Since I can't pet a giraffe, I am quite satisfied with cats). 

My lovely cats

While waiting for the second cupboard to arrive at my house, I tidy up the room as best as I can. This is a photo of the initial appearance of my room, it's terrible huh:

Now you understand why I lost the mood for sewing.

In the afternoon, around 5 o'clock, my second cupboard arrived. With the help of my husband, I assembled this second cupboard and immediately put all the fabrics in it. Well… finally the fabric problem is over, but my room is still not comfortable to be used as a sewing workplace! The sewing machine table was still in an uncomfortable position, but I was already exhausted. Then I decided to redecorate my room next week.

The next day, I decided to continue to redecorate and clean up the room to get a better room view as soon as possible even though it was a very hot day, which made me got showered four times!

With my husband's help, we moved the table and bookshelves, after that I proceeded alone by cleaning all the sewing machines and the serger, as well as cleaning the dust that was on the surface of things, books, my craft tools, and on the floor.

My fatigue paid off when this was all over. My room is neat, all fabrics are displayed, and easy to take from the cupboard, I can also arrange my UFO projects on one shelf. I was determined with gusto to finish all the UFOs and doing my other sewing projects.

Now let me say: Let's sew together!

Hey, look what I've found! I got these fabrics bundle from the famous Emily Taylor in 2014, and I still keep them!

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  1. Looks good! Your hard work paid off.