Using DMC Metallic At Hand Embroidery

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This is my first time embroidering with DMC Metallic Light Effects thread. Very pretty looking thread with a charming luster. I ordered online two threads e699 and e815 for a simple project I'm making on a Christmas theme. When I opened the package containing these threads I was so amazed that they were so beautiful! 

It was so beautiful that I took a photo of the threads, then I showed them off to Instagram as well as to my sewing group. My friends are amazed and want to have it too. I must admit that DMC is different from the others in terms of the color and texture of the yarn.

Now I want to introduce my project. This is a Christmas themed embroidery project, a combination of hand embroidery and patchwork whose pattern I got from Moda, this is a free pattern. The pattern is very simple with an embroidery outline.

I use a stem stitch for embroidery which is easy but produces a firm outline. I used 2 ply thread so that the metallic effect is more visible. In my opinion, embroidering with this thread is a bit challenging, because when you pull the needle up the thread flow is not as smooth as DMC which is not metallic. In addition, about 7-10 cm at the end of the thread that is not knotted, the thread between the metallic and the colored ply was loose, this causes the thread to not be used economically, some parts are wasted. but finally, I found the right way to handle this unraveled thread, I will write in the next post.

Christmas is an opportunity to put some beautiful decorations in the house. That's why I chose to use DMC Metallic thread although it is more expensive than the ordinary thread. For the base fabric, I used calico because it is vintage in color and easy to apply with embroidery.

Have you seen my embroidery hoop stand? I am very proud to use this tool which is very sturdy, smooth wood, and made by local craftsmen in my area. Generally, the crafters in my country are proud to use imported products, but as much as possible I use locally made products because that will support my country's economy.

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  1. Hoop stand-nya keren. One day pengen coba main benang & kain lagi. Tapi benang DMC-ku sekotak penuh udah kujual 😅