The Butterfly Charm - Mystery Quilt at Quilt Block Mania

Hopefully, this post will find you in good health. Forgive me for the delay in launching pattern 2 of BOM Mystery Quilt: On The Hills. Since the end of January, our family has suffered successive illnesses, what an unfortunate situation. The last one is that I suffer from gastric pain which I still have until now even though it is much better. Besides that, the Chinese New Year celebration in our family also takes a lot of time to prepare the various cakes that we serve, this is really unexpected because it turns out that there are several families who want to taste the cakes I make by sending them to the homes of all our families, really tiring but also happy.

My cookies, ready to be delivered to my family

So, please download the second part of the Mystery Quilt: On The Hills pattern, namely The Butterfly Charm by clicking on this image:

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The Butterfly Charm

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